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Monday, November 26, 2007

101 Dalmatian Pelicans!

If you’re a fan of marine life, you’re most certainly familiar with the Dalmatian pelican. These large birds grow to be an average of 63-71 inches, with the males typically being larger than the females. With their silvery-white shaggy or curly crest and brown-black wingtips, these birds are quite beautiful.

The pelican is bred from southeastern Europe to China. In the wintertime, they are distributed from the Balkans through southeast China. Typically, they can be found in rivers, in lakes, throughout deltas, and in estuaries where there isn’t a large population of humans to bother them and disrupt their natural peace. Pelicans breed on islands or amidst high-growing vegetation.

They are quiet the aggressive creature when antagonized. If the male or female feel threatened, they will normally respond in the form of bill clattering and gaping. This is especially true if the pelican feels that its nest is being threatened.

The Dalmatian Pelican and the human race haven’t been known to get along very well. The bill of the pelican is a prized trophy of those who hunt them, and hunting them isn’t a crime due to their mass consumption of fish that local human populations harvest for profit. As well, they are known to be disturbed easily by tourists, and, because of this, they are seen as a threat to said tourists.

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