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Monday, November 19, 2007

Add a Blaze to Your Stamp Collection

It must take a lot to strap on all that gear, jump onto the speeding truck that could lead to your potential death, and then charge into a roaring fire, with only hope to will yourself to search for those lost, frightened souls. This is the daily job of the firefighters of the world, who are, quite possibly, the bravest people on Earth. To take on that kind of self sacrifice is, at once, the most noble, and the most dangerous thing anyone could do. While the average Joe sits at his kitchen table in the morning, grunting over a cold cup of coffee and marveling at a glance at an article in the paper about seven people saved from a house fire, these men and women live these stories and live them proudly, without any hesitation. With the dangers and threats that come with society in our day and age, there could not be enough of these courageous individuals.

Despite the great works these brave people do to serve our communities, unfortunately, their faces often fade away with the smoke. Take the initiative to give some more-than-earned recognition to the heroes of society, to the supermen and wonder women of our time. Let them shine on your letters, and let them not be forgotten. Purchase your set of firefighting saviors, today.

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