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Monday, November 12, 2007

Prehistoric Wonders

There’s no denying that there’s something astonishing about the idea of the gigantic lizards who once roamed the earth, millions of years ago, whose disappearance is as mysterious as the quandary of how they appeared in the first place. Some see them portrayed as blood-thirsty and tyrannical monsters; some still manage to think of them as the absolutely fascinating plastic relics of our childhood play. In any case, the recognition of these prehistoric conundrums is anything but extinct; dinosaurs are relentlessly studied and shared with humans of all ages, shapes, and sizes through museum exhibits, music, books, children’s toys, and even stamps.

The word “dinosaur” is derived from the Greek “deinos,” which translates to “terrible” or “fearsome,” and “saura,” which means “lizard” or “reptile.” Dinosaurs came about this planet approximately 230 million years ago until their abrupt extinction about 65 million years ago. In this time period, numerous different types of these creatures occupied the land, the water, and even the air. They scaled everywhere from colossal giants to little lizards that could fit in the palm of your hand, all of which fought to survive the great hunt for sustenance. No one knows for sure how or why the dinosaurs vanished, only to be doomed to exist under the earth as mind-boggling bones, for the rest of time.

Capture a glimpse of these prehistoric wonders with our eight-piece commemorative stamp set, and bring back to life the mysterious creatures that can only live on through our studies and our imaginations.



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