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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stamp Collecting Software Comes of Age

Stamp collectors lament of days gone by when you handled every stamp with care and catalogued each entry by hand. Now there is powerful, user-friendly software to do the work for you. It also builds in much functionality to assist you with cataloging, buying, and selling. This is a compilation of various software titles. This review is not an implied endorsement of any of the products listed. We leave it to you to do your own comparisons, and perhaps share comments about what you liked or didn't like about software packages you've used.

Hobbysoft publish four programs for stamp collectors: Stamp Keeper Deluxe, Stamp Keeper, Stamp Keeper for Plate Number Coils, and Stamp World. They allow you to easily each issue, evaluate your collection, create standard and custom reports, and automatically create a want list.

SOFT PRO has a family of software products for stamp collectors. Their EZ STAMP http://www.ezstamp.com/ uses licensed Scott numbers and includes images from stamp issues from 148 countries. On the same weblink, you can check out companion products for increased functionality for stamp collecting and cataloging: AlbumGen, EZ Image, and The Washington / Franklin Identifier ( WFID). They help you evaluate your collectibles, grade and catalog them. They also have software for easy FTP and dragging and dropping images. Here is a great resource for stamp collecting topics and resources: http://www.stamplink.com/



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