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Friday, November 30, 2007

Stamps for Democracy, A Great Cause

In a world of electronic banking, stamps are not always needed. Do you have extra unused postage stamps lying around the house? Are you willing to donate them to a worthwhile cause?

There are many charities that are helping our military troops in various locations throughout the world. There is certainly one new one worth taking a special interest in. Nancy Crescenzo, from Newtown Township, PA is collecting stamps for families who have soldiers serving in Afghanistan or Iraq. Her goal is to collect 10,000 unused stamps.

Many United States military families must decide if they will be able to send letters to their beloved soldiers or send in their required monthly payments to creditors. A simple stamp does not seem like much, but each 41 cent sticker could help someone communicate with their loved one who is serving our country.

Originally Nancy Crescenzo wanted to send stamps to soldiers overseas, but quickly learned that postage stamps are not necessary for soldiers in combat areas. Under The Supply Our Troops Act of 2005, soldiers are able to mail letters home, to the United States for free. She has since formed "Stamps for Democracy". It appears that her organization is the only one of its kind that is collecting stamps for our soldiers.

Each stamp that is donated will be distributed to various organizations that regularly send care packages to our soldiers.

If you are interested in donating stamps to this worthwhile cause, you may send them to: Nancy Crescenzo, 8 Bridal Rose Court, Newtown, PA 18940. For more information, e-mail her at citizens-for-one-voice@comcast.net.



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