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Monday, December 10, 2007

Removing Stamps From Paper And Drying Stamps...Part III of III

Now that you have soaked your stamp, try to peel the stamp off from one corner only. If it does not come free easily, place it back in the water for further soaking. If you soak the stamp to long, it could cause the paper to become soggy and weak and you will easily damage the stamp. The key is, don’t leave the stamps alone. Keep a close eye on the stamps to ensure their safety.

Once the stamps are off paper, you can gently rub any remaining adhesive off of the stamp and then give it a final washing in clean water. Experience will teach you how long a particular stamp will need to be soaked so that you will not damage it.

Once the stamps are out of the water, place them on a dry white paper towel in a single layer. You can dry them on newspaper, but do not use any colored newspaper as the ink will transfer onto the stamps and stain them. Use another dry paper towel to blot out the excess water from the tops of the stamps. It is recommended that you buy a stamp drying book so that the stamps will dry flat. These can be purchased very inexpensively. They have plastic like pages that stamps cannot stick to. Load the stamps from the back of the book forward with all stamps facing up. After you are done loading the stamps into the drying book; place heavy books on top so that the stamps will dry flat.

Have patience. With practice this task will become easier and before you know it, you will have a great collection in the works!



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