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Monday, December 17, 2007

San Marino Anti-Discrimination Stamp

The small country, San Marino is a landlocked enclave, completely surrounded by Italy in the Apennine Mountains. It is a democratic multiparty republic. Their total population is approximately 25,000 residents. Their principal economic revenues are from tourism, electronics, banking, farming and light manufacturing. Like all other countries, the government makes most of its revenue from taxes and customs. However, San Marino is known for selling their coins and postage stamps to collectors around the globe.

According to the United States Department of State, San Marino has taken measures to assure the public of their intentions of fairness and equality to all citizens and visitors to their county. This tiny country is fighting discrimination with the issue of a new stamp.

This beautiful stamp has a picture of a female which stands to represent the Republic of San Marino. On her head you will find the three towers with the three feathers. There are oak and laurel leaves on her clothing. You will find the woman holding a scale with a nude woman and a nude man on either side. This signifies the principle of equality between women and men. This stamp depicts that women and men are equal in all aspects of work, law, skin color, disability, religious choices and sexual preference.

San Marino is a member of the Small European Postal Administration Cooperation. Members must have a small market of more than 50% of its philatelic customers living outside of their respective country in order to maintain membership.

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