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Monday, January 07, 2008

Tristan de Cunha – 1960 Sealife Definitives (Set of 14) Part II of II

In continuation from Friday’s post….

Healthcare is free to the island’s residents. They are limited to services by only one South African doctor and five nurses. IBM and Beacon Equity Partners have set up a Web system with the University of Pittsburg Medical Center. This system provides the resident doctor with long distance tele-medical help with instant consultations available in other countries. If an island resident is seriously injured, signals are sent to fishing boats so that residents can be transported to Cape Town, South Africa.

The islands economy is based on fishing and farming to provide the islanders with their food. Islanders also appreciate the sales of their lobsters (crawfish) to outside countries. It is not uncommon for islanders to have two occupations. You may find them working for local government and in the lobster factory. Another source of income for the island is their sales of postage stamps and coins, especially to philatelists and collectors around the globe. Often times, post office staff will board cruise liners to enable passengers, who would otherwise not be able to come ashore, the opportunity to purchase the sought-after stamps from the island.

If you are interested in purchasing 14 interesting and colorful stamps from Tristan de Cunha, visit www.stampcenter.com. These beautiful stamps are the 1960 Sealife Definitives featuring whale, lobster, fish and shark.



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