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Friday, June 05, 2009

Hospice Care Postage Stamp

The Hospice Care postage stamp was one of the many social awareness stamps there have been issued by the United States Postal Service. Originally slated for a November 1998 release date, it was delayed until February 1999 so that the stamp could have a longer shelf life due to the then postage stamp price increase. The special stamp ceremony was held in Santa Fe, New Mexico and the national first-day-of-issue ceremony took place in Largo, Florida on February 9, 1999.

Hospice is a team oriented care program that affirms life and regards dying as a normal process. Hospice doctors and nurses treat and comfort terminally ill patients by providing personalized services so that patients and families can be supported during their time of need. Hospice neither hastens nor postpones death; but provides skilled services to patients who have decided to spend their last months at home or away from a hospital setting. Hospice care dates back to ancient times, but the first service in the United States dates back to 1974. Since its inception, each year more people are choosing to utilize hospice services.

The Hospice Care postage stamp is beautiful and serene. The stamp features a little white house with a colorful butterfly hovering over head. According to the stamp’s designer, Mr. Phil Jordan, “The art symbolizes life's journey to its final stage, the part where hospice lends its vision. The butterfly is a symbol of spiritual release -- a positive metaphor for the last transition of life."
If you are looking to add the Hospice Care postage stamp or any of the other social awareness postage stamps to your collection, contact Stamp Center today.

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