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Friday, June 30, 2006

Celebrate America!

The Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon, Empire State Building, Chimney Rock, Sear's Tower, Yosemite's Half Dome, Hoover Dam, Everglades Alligators, Liberty Bell, Mount McKinley, Boston Harbor -- America is a country rich in natural beauty, man-made marvels, and historical treasures.

In celebration of America's birthday, County Stamp Center has just acquired a stirring U.S. issue, Wonders of America. The sheetlet features 40 self-adhesive stamps, each depicting a different American treasure, in mint condition, never hinged. Reasonably priced at $23.68, Wonders of America reminds us of the greatness, breadth, and variety America has to offer. Click our post title to view this breathtaking issue.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Cats Come Pouncing To Delight Collectors

A charming offering from St. Thomas is among our specials at County Stamp Center this week. Sure to delight feline fans, this souvenir sheetlet depicts 9 colorful pictures of domestic cats in assorted poses. The drawings are so detailed you can practically see their whiskers twitching!

This is only one of several offers featuring cats available on our website at http://www.stampcenter.com/index.php. Our unique search feature allows you to search by key word, category or Scott catalog number. To view other issues showcasing favorite felines, simply search for "cats." Visit County Stamp Center for all your philatelic needs.

Friday, June 23, 2006


"Gravures des timbre-poste de France" - French engraved color proofs. These proofs, issued by the French Post Office to collectors, use the same plates as in the final stamp issue, but the color can vary from those used in the final production. Issued in very limited quantities, these proofs (5 1/2" x 2 1/2") can feature 1-3 stamps in a single color on a hard card.

Very popular in specialized French collections, these proofs are also seen in many topical collections. Topics depicted in the proofs range from the early French classics to modern images of Halloween, bicycle races, space exploration, and art masterpieces. These proofs can be a very special addition to your country or topical collection.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Stamps Showcase Princess Diana's Dresses

An exquisite collection of Princess Diana's wardrobe and jewelry is touring the country. For a brief, shining moment, the Princess brought style and fashion to a realm most often described as dowdy. The collection features dresses by her favorite designers and includes the copy of her wedding gown made in case a spilled drink or other disaster necessitated a quick change on her wedding day. As we all know, disaster unfortunately struck her fairytale marriage somewhat later.

A souvenir sheetlet of 9 values from Turkmenistan brings alive Princess Diana at her most chic. This special offer from County Stamp Center depicts the vivacious Princess in 9 of her more memorable dresses. It's a must have for all Anglophiles and devotees of the Princess. Click our post title for a look at this attractive offering and others featuring the Princess. Visit us at http://www.stampcenter.com/ for all your stamp needs.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sir Paul Turns 64!

"Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64?"

Beatle Paul McCartney turned 64 Sunday. McCartney's wake up call is finally ringing 39 years after the release of the iconic group's hit single When I'm 64.

Written in the late 1950s when the singer was in his mid-teens, it was an incongruous trak on their album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Some speculate the toe-tapper reminiscent of old vaudeville songs was recorded in honor of Sir Paul's father who turned 64 that year.

County Stamp Center has the perfect commemorative in an issue from the Isle of Man: Paul McCartney's Happy Memories, available as both a 6-stamp set for $8.14 and a sheetlet of 8 sets for $65.14. Numerous other issues celebrating the Beatles can be found on our website at http://www.stampcenter.com/ by entering Beatles in the search box.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Stamps Celebrate YMCA

Y - M - C - A. I'm goin' to the YMCA-A.

Go ahead. Sing along. You've all spelled it out (with arm motions) and sung along at wedding receptions and sporting events. But long before it became a popular DJ staple, the YMCA provided a needed anchor in the lives of many young men.

Built on the touchstones spirit, mind and body, the Young Men's Christian Association filled the needs of many men returning from World War II. As society changed, so did the YMCA, gradually adding facilities for women, then families. Long before the advent of health clubs, the Y was the place to go to run the track, swim, lift weights or find a pick up game of basketball.

A new issue from Aruba honors the 50th anniversary of the YMCA with a 2-stamp commemorative. Click our post title for details on this and other issues celebrating the Y.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Part of the fun of collecting world-wide new issues is seeking out the exotic and unusual. With new printing technologies, stamps can be issued with unusual textures, smells, and shapes. In the early 1960's, Bhutan issued the world's first 3-D simulated stamps and souvenir sheets. These stamps primarily were thematics related to space exploration.

Recently, Netherlands and New Zealand have improved on the 3-D simulated stamp issues and printed sports stamps. Tilting the plastic images can actually show athletes running across a finish line, clearing the bar on a high jump, or skating to victory in a race.

You can see these stamps pictured at www.StampCenter.com, but get the true effect intended, you have to place them in front of you. Either holding them individually, or tilting them within their album mounts, the effect is magical! It can really move you, and add some great variety and fun to your collection.

View the Netherlands stamps at: http://www.stampcenter.com/product_info.php?products_id=75808

View the New Zealand issue at:


Monday, June 12, 2006

Stamp Commemorates Queen Elizabeth II's 80th Birthday

In celebration of the 80th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, Dominica has issued a souvenir sheetlet of 4. This is only one of the new acquisitions at County Stamp Center celebrating the Queen's 54 years on the throne. Anglophiles, click our post title for more details or visit our website at www.stampcenter.com and search for "Queen Elizabeth." We offer a number of portrature stamps depicting the Queen at various stages of life. Stamps are sold mint and never hinged unless noted in the description.

Elizabeth II was born April 21, 1926 and ascended the throne on February 6,1952, upon the death of her father, King George VI. She is monarch and head of state of 16 countries that are home to about 128 million people. Elizabeth is the second-longest serving head of state in the world after King Bhumibol of Thailand and the third-longest serving British or English monarch in the world after Queen Victoria. For a comprehensive biography on Queen Elizabeth, read the article on Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_Elizabeth_II.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Commemorate Vacation With Stamps

Commemorate your vacation this year with stamps. What more interesting and unique addition to your vacation mementos than stamps? Stamps can add interest to a photo page, dress up a scrapbook, and provide a lasting historical memory of your trip. No matter what kind of vacation you're planning, we have a stamp for that!
  • Going to the beach? We have stamps featuring all kinds of marine life, including a new acquisition of six sea shells (embossed) from Jersey.
  • Going camping? French Polynesia offers a stamp featuring camping vehicles.
  • Hiking? Check out the Centenary of Friends of Nature sheetlet of 4 from Switzerland.
  • Surfing? The Maldives has produced a sheetlet of 4, 30 Years of Tourism, highlighting the sport.
The County Stamp Center has a stamp for anywhere you go, anything you do. Link to our site by clicking the blog post title. Our unique search feature allows you to find stamps by using key words, category or Scott number. We make special orders easy; just click Contact Our Buyer.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Site Specializes In Judo & Martial Arts Stamps

Judo and Martial Arts stamp collectors will be impressed by the variety and volume of specialty stamps at http://www.usja-judo.org/~judo.stamps (or click our blog post title to reach this site). The Stamp of the Week pictured at left is only one of nearly 1,500 stamps and variations.

This fascinating site offers all things judo and martial arts, including first day covers, new issues, cancellations, articles, and unusual items such as a stamp of a taekwondo coin. Coins and other items are also described. The site offers an impressive and comprehensive stamp list, the world’s largest.

"Without a single recorded injury, judo stamp collecting has to be the safest judo-related activity of all, safer even than kata judging and refereeing," boasts the site (tongue firmly in cheek) which offers interesting bits of trivia and history on various U.S. and international issues. The first judo stamp was issued in 1953 by Japan and depicted kata-guruma. Since then, and particularly with inclusion of judo as an Olympic sport, numerous countries have issued stamps honoring the sport. Good information on what to look for, techniques, misprints, rarities, collecting, contacts, and articles abound on this enjoyable and highly readable site.

The County Stamp Center can get you started and provide you with new issues. Just click http://www.stampcenter.com/ to link to our website and search for "martial arts" or "judo." We have a number of offerings, all reasonably priced, and many issued in celebration of various Olympics or national games. Once we've whet your appetite, visit http://www.usja-judo.org/~judo.stamps for a diverse selection of judo and martial arts philately.

Dr. Ronald Allan Charles, who designed and maintains the Judo and Martial Arts Stamp List, has been a satisfied County Stamp Center customer for over 15 years and heartily endorses our service. He obtained most of the stamps in his collection from us. We are his sole supplier of new issues. He received most online stamps as images from his judo colleague in Belgium. The Stamp List is a wonderful resource. Including nearly 2,000 images and covering about 130 pages of descriptive material (not including the images and articles), this non-commercial site is the result of three decades of research. Check it out.