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Monday, July 31, 2006

Peter Max's Psychedelic Art Adorns UN Souvenir Sheet

Eye-popping pictures by American pop artist Peter Max adorn a delightful souvenir sheetlet issued to commemorate the United Nations Johannesburg Summit. Max rose to popularity in the 1960s with bright, colorful pictures that he called "up art" for its joyful portrayal of the world. His art was infused with fluid drawings of beautiful people, rainbows, rayed suns, the earth, and flowers in ultra-bright colors that defined the psychedelic '60s.

Born in Germany, Max was raised in Shanghai, China and Israel before his family settled in the U.S. in 1953. After training in New York, Max opened a design studio and became a successful designer of books, posters, and commercial products. He closed his studio in 1964 and began creating his colorful signature silkscreens. Max's art work led the psychedelic graphic design movement of the 1960s and was much imitated in advertising from the late 1960s through the early 1970s, according to Wikipedia.

County Stamp Center is pleased to offer this delightful example of Peter Max's art for only $43.03. Visit County Stamp Center for all your philatelic needs.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fascinating Insect Stamps Celebrate Summer

Creepy, crawly, icky, fascinating bugs. If it's summer, bugs are in abundance. They creep through the grass, march across sidewalks, lurk under rocks, drop from trees like miniature parachutists, and plague vegetable gardeners. On hot summer nights you can hear them buzzing around your patio lights, performing desperate kamikaze dives into the bug zapper. One wrong turn and a bug in the house is the source of ear-splitting shrieks that set fly-swatters flapping.

Often maligned, the ignoble bug can also be a thing a beauty. Bugs come in all shapes and colors, from miniscule black specks to gorgeous iridescent green behemoths. Their protective array of spikes, pinchers, hooks and horns makes a formidable looking arsenal, but its purpose is generally self-protective, not aggressive. An integral part of nature's food chain, some bugs pollinate flowers, vegetables, and trees before becoming fodder for birds, frogs, fish, and the occasional unwary motorcycle rider.

County Stamp Center offers a large variety of stamps that feature and celebrate insects from all over the world. Click our post title to view our voluminous collection of fascinating insect stamps or visit our website today to see what just crawled in.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

We Buy Stamp Collections

Cleaning out the attic and find Uncle Henry's stamp collection in the old trunk in the corner? Perhaps Grandma passed away but you don't share her passion for stamp collecting. As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure. You may be sitting on a gold mine and not know it. Those colorful pieces of paper so carefully mounted in books or gathering dust in attic boxes can be worth some nice change. County Stamp Center can tell you whether that dusty stamp collection you inherited is treasure or trash.

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Surinam, once known as Dutch Guiana, is one of South America's smallest countries. It is located on the northeast coast of South America, bordering on the Atlantic Ocean.

Surinam's stamps reflect both its its Dutch colonial heritage and its tremendous cultural diversity-- a modern mix of African, European, and Asian cultures.

Early 20th Century issues featured the Royal Dutch family and early mining sites. Issues of the 1960's and early 70's very much more varied, depicting topics such as soccer, United Nations work, and the development of the country's infrastructure and economy (e.g. mining, agriculture, postal service).

Issues after Surinam's independence in 1975 display a much broader range of topics. These topics include sports, shells, Javanese culture, costumes, native wildlife, transportation,
historic events.

Ever popular with stamp collectors, have been larger sets of butterflies, orchids, and birds. Many of these sets are triangle shaped and values are paired (tete-beche) one next to the other.
You can view individual sets issued after 1990 at County Stamp Center or see more extensive collections of both early and later Surinam issues in albums in our collection section. It's well worth a look!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Use Comic Stamps to Start Your Child Collecting

Want to introduce your child to the art of stamp collecting? Start with something you know they love -- comics and cartoons. County Stamp Center offers everything from Bugs and Daffy to Dennis the Menace to classic comics like Blake and Mortimer. We carry comic and cartoon stamps from all over the world and from every generation.

Start with familiar Sunday-page favorites and gradually introduce your budding philatelist to the classics. Comic and cartoon stamps are bright and colorful enough to capture a child's imagination and attention. As their interest grows, they will appreciate the finely detailed drawings of classic comics.

County Stamp Center has just acquired beautifully drawn, deluxe color, trial proof sheets of classic Blake and Mortimer comics. Visit our website today to see the detail in these amazing stamps and to view our complete collection of cartoon and comic stamps.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Special Offer on Bad Saarow Covers

County Stamp Center is offering 4 unaddressed covers circa 1945, the stamps with cancellations of Bad Saarow. The stamps are postmarked:
  • cover #1 - Mi 1 & 4
  • cover #2 - Mi 2 & 3
  • cover #3 - Mi 5
  • cover #4 - Mi 6

The postmarks are very clear and all covers are in excellent condition. The catalog value for these remarkable stamps on cover is 725 Euros. County Stamp Center's price is only $350. As always, availability is subject to prior sale. Click the post title to view this unique offer.

County Stamp Center offers many unique covers of the highest quality. Our website search engine allows you to peruse our offerings by category, key word or Scott number. Visit County Stamp Center today; your first source for all your philatelic needs.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

County Stamp Center Offers Special Price on Lindner Stock Books

County Stamp Center is offering a Lindner 32-page stock book for only $19. Retailing for $24, this hardcover stock book has black pages with 9 clear strips per page. It comes with glassine page protectors and features special interweaving for added durability. At this price, this special offer won't last long.

At County Stamp Center we offer a complete line of Lindner stock books, albums, and ring binders to showcase your collection. See us for all your philatelic supplies, including mint sheet files and glassine envelopes. County Stamp Center is your one-stop shop for stamp collecting. Visit our website today at http://www.stampcenter.com/index.php to see our latest issues, peruse our extensive stamp listings, and find out about other special offers. County Stamp Center can also fill special orders and buys stamp collections. Visit us today.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Stamps Honor Pope John Paul II

One of the most beloved popes, Pope John Paul II reigned from 1978 until his death in 2005, the second longest pontificate in modern times. St. Helena recently issued the wonderful commemorative stamp shown at left, capturing the pontiff as his followers saw him: kindly, gentle, beneficent.

The first and only Pole to become pope and the first non-Italian pope since the 16th Century, Pope John Paul II traveled far more extensively than his predecessors, visiting more than 100 countries during his reign. In commemoration of his travels, the Vatican offers 10-set sheetlets of Pope John Paul's Visits of 2003.

Many other issues are available commemorating the active reign of this beloved pontiff. Just enter Pope John Paul II in the search block on our web page to view the many issues offered at Country Stamp Center.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cartoon Stamps Delight Young and Old

Remember when you were a kid and the best part of the weekend was Saturday morning cartoons? Rekindle those fond memories by collecting cartoon stamps. Cartoon stamps are a great way to introduce children to the hobby of stamp collecting. The stamps are colorful, fun, and feature all your favorite characters -- from Bugs to Mickey, Arthur to Betty Boop.

County Stamp Center offers cartoon farm animals from Australia and a cartoon frog from the Czech Republic. Through stamps you can follow the history of cartooning, discover what makes people laugh in other parts of the world, or relive one of the best parts of childhood.

County Stamp Center offers 172 cartoon stamps to keep you laughing well past Saturday morning. Click our post title to check out County Stamp Center's extensive cartoon stamp collection.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Celebrate July 4th With Classic U.S. Stamps

What more memorable way to celebrate America's birthday than with the purchase of a classic U.S. stamp. The County Stamp Center has some unique and interesting offerings of particular historical significance.

The 1902 Washington red 2-cent booklet plane shown at right features a portrait of our first president in a 6-stamp plane. We offer a fascinating variety of stamps commemorating the Trans-Mississippi Expo of 1898. We also feature a complete top block of 10 of the $2 Harding presidential issue of 1937.

Click our post title to view these various offers. Visit our website for all your philatelic needs.