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Thursday, September 28, 2006

End of Summer Specials Include "Holographic" Bugs

Did you miss something this summer? County Stamp Center is offering a number of specials on important issues that came out this summer but may have missed your attention.

Iridescent bugs appear real enough to crawl right off the page on this beautifully designed insect sheetlet from Thailand. The unique "sheen" used to color each insect produces an almost holographic effect guaranteed to make this specimen a favorite in your collection. This special, individually numbered souvenir sheet features 2 sets of 4 stamps. It was specially issued for the Washington 2006 Stamp Expo and bears the Expo logo. (To order, click the post title.)

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Super Hero Next Door?

Heroes is one of this season's new hits on NBC. It's a cool premise for a television show. Ordinary people begin to realize they have extraordinary "super" powers and are gradually drawn to seek each other out. I mean, how cool would it be if you could fly or stop time? But it would also be bizarre, even frightening to find yourself so different from your neighbor, which adds an interesting emotional dynamic to the show. The characters are poised to weather the same angst, revelation, societal burden, and exhilaration chronicled by DC and Marvel Comics in the classic super hero stories we grew up on. Will television's modern day heroes weather the test of time and become part of the pop culture mainstream? While I doubt they'll ever replace Superman or Wonder Woman in our hearts, Heroes does give each of us a chance to think, What would it be like if it were me?

Capture your youth with this wonderful 20-stamp sheetlet of popular cartoon super heroes. Your favorite heroes explode off the page in dazzling color, their powers immortalized on each stamp. County Stamp Center's price for this nostalgic display is only $11.84 for the sheetlet of 20 self-adhesive stamps. Click the post title to order and visit County Stamp Center's website for all your philatelic needs -- super and otherwise.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Elvis Sighted in Your Living Room!

Spot the latest Elvis sighting in your living room with this fabulous 6-stamp sheetlet of Elvis Presley from Dominica. The "Love Me Tender" commemorative depicts the King at his heyday. In his signature glitzy white suit, Elvis croons into the microphone during a concert. His signature is emblazoned across the central portrait which depicts the King at his heart-throbbing best. Only $6.69 at County Stamp Center, click the post title to order and for more details.

Born in East Tupelo, Mississippi on January 8, 1935, Elvis Presley changed the face of American music. From his rockabilly roots, Presley added elements of rhythm and blues, gospel, and country to create unique harmonies and send a new sound -- rock and roll -- blaring from radios across the country. In the racially segregated America of the 1960s, Presley opened the door for black musicians, introducing blues and gospel into the American music mainstream. The most commercially successful rocker of all time, Elvis' amazing range and versatility stretched from ballads to semi-operatic standards, according to an article on Wikipedia.

Dominating the stage with his flamboyant jumpsuits, highly energetic performances, and amazing pelvic gyrations, Elvis Presley wowed audiences for two decades before his premature death in 1977 at age 42. Visit County Stamp Center for a complete selection of stamps featuring Elvis Presley and other pop culture icons. County Stamp Center has stamps for every interest and collector, from beginner to expert. Visit County Stamp Center for all your philatelic needs.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Stamps Capture the Beauty of Summer

Capture the beauty of summer in this breathtaking issue of three sunsets from Aruba (click the post title for details). Summer may be officially ending today, but the memory of warm sand and sunny days lives on in these gorgeous stamps of red sunsets on the beach. Shown in three stages, the skies turn golden red as the sun sinks, slowly melting into the water, then disappearing in a spectacular red haze. When the winter snows are a foot deep and the frosty wind whips through the air, curl up in front of the fire, gaze at these beautiful stamps and you will be instantly transported back to the warm, sunny days of summer.

County Stamp Center has stamps that take you anywhere you want to go -- the sunny shores of the Caribbean, the frigid icebergs of Antarctica, lush rain forests, barren deserts, and everything in between. The world is your oyster when you collect stamps. Visit our website and start your travels. You can travel the world for pennies; no passport needed.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Real Gold and Silver Add Dazzle to Sea Life Stamp Set

If you want to add some flash and dazzle to your stamp collection, consider this exquisite foil set issued by Guyana. Beautiful pictures of colorful sea life surround REAL gold and silver foil insets embossed with more sea creatures. Sold in mint condition, this unusual stamp will be the centerpiece of any collection on sea life and the show piece of your collection.

County Stamp Center's website is teaming with stamps featuring every kind of sea life imaginable. We have beautifully painted mural sets of Caribbean coral reefs, detailed photographic stamps of various species, drawings of prehistoric fossil fish, colorful comic cartoon fish, memorable endangered species sets -- something for every collector. But nothing is as stunning, as exquisite, as unique as this precious metal sea life set featuring real gold and silver foil. This stamp set will be the unique and precious show piece of your collection. Click the post title for more information and a more detailed view of this incredible stamp set. Visit County Stamp Center's website to purchase the Guyanan foil set and for all your philatelic needs.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Tango, The Twist, Ballet... whatever form of dance you are familiar with, you can find it featured on a recent stamp issue. Countries throughout the world have issued stamps picturing not only native or ethnic dances, but dance competitions, famous dancers, and choreographers.

Are you a fan of the tango? You may want to seek out the colorful Argentina 2002 booklet of tango dancers (Scott #2174). Believe it or not, even Finland issued as special tango stamp!
Look for their 1997 issue, Scott #1041.

Russia has honored its native ballet composers- Tchaikovsky, Gorski, and Fokin on many stamps. Monaco has issued a number of stamps for international ballet festivals. One of the most popular and dramatic ballet issues was the 1998 sheet of 20 stamps issued honoring American Ballet.

County Stamp is very proud to present the award winning First Day Covers of cachet artist, Nirlay Kundu. His 4 covers for the 2005 "Let's Dance" issue is an artistic and philatelic tribute to dancers of all ages and of all countries. The special dance step cancellations, along with the dramatic colors and portraits of dancing couples make these covers a great addition to any dance "steps" you have in your cover or stamp collection.

What Do Wallpaper and Stamp Collecting Have in Common? More Than You Might Guess!

The hobby of stamp collecting began in England shortly after the 1840 debut of the world's first official adhesive postage stamp, the famous British "Penny Black" (shown at right). The Penny Black featured a profile of the reigning British monarch, Queen Victoria. "To this day, all British stamps bear a profile of the reigning monarch somewhere on the design, and are the only nationality of stamp that do not name their country of origin," according to Wikipedia.

Historians trace the hobby's origin to an ad placed in a London newspaper in 1840, supposedly by a young lady who wished to acquire enough of the new postage stamps to wallpaper her room. Some historians claim the advertisement was actually a hoax perpetrated by the founder of the first and one of the greatest philatelic firms in the world, Stanley Gibbons, Ltd. Whichever story you choose to believe, the philatelic world agrees that this advertisement was the first attempt to collect stamps, according to The Complete Guide to Stamp Collecting (click the post title to learn more at howtocollectstamps.com).

Stamp collecting is a rewarding hobby available to young and old, beginner and expert alike. You can collect stamps of a favorite sport, flowers, animals, cartoon characters, countries of the world, famous people -- nearly anything you can think of. A beginner needs only a few essentials to get started:

  • Stamp album
  • Stamp hinges
  • Stamp tongs
  • Stamps

It's the kind of hobby you can easily learn as you go. You can get very inexpensive beginner kits at stamp dealers or on the internet. County Stamp Center sells stamp books and basic supplies and thousands of stamps to get you started. Visit our website for all your philatelic needs and discover the joy of stamp collecting.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Salvador Dali Collection Showcases Flamboyant Surrealist's Art

The Salvador Dali collection from France features some of the artist's most interesting works. This trial color proof sheet (Scott #3014) is sold with 1979 Maxi Cards (one silk image). Both Maxi cards have special first day cancellation.

One of the most important painters of the 20th century, Salvador Dali was best know for his surrealist work characterized by bold, striking, bizarre, even dreamlike images, according to Wikipedia.

Born in 1904 in Catalonia, Spain, Dali dabbled in cubism and dadaism early in his career. Eventually he traveled to Paris, a mecca for artists in the 1920s. Working with Picasso and Miro, Dali embraced surrealism, bringing new vigor to the movement. He soon developed his own style, employing the extensive symbolism which characterized his work.

Flamboyant and eccentric, Dali had a penchant for the spotlight, providing fodder for his critics, often at the expense of his art. His fascination with 17th century painter Diego Velazquez led him to grow his iconic moustache, and for a time he dressed in garb of that era. Late in his career he experimented with unusual and novel media and processes. He was one of the first artists to employ holography and incorporated optical illusions into several works. Pop artists like Andy Warhol considered him an important influence. Dali died in 1989 at the age of 84 in his native Spain.

Visit our website for more details about the Salvador Dali collection. (Just click the post title.) Come to County Stamp Center for all your philatelic needs.

Friday, September 08, 2006


Have you ever seen a First Day Cover that really catches your eye? It might be the design, a special message, or a mix of artistic elements that create a unique and impressive presentation for a new stamp.

County Stamp Center is proud to present the artistic covers of cachet-maker, Nirlay Kundu.

Nirlay Kundu is an up and coming artist. He won the 2005 "Rookie of the Year Award" from the American First Day Cover Society (AFDCS) for his Swedish/US cover for Garbo. This is a prestigious award for a young artist to win. This cover was featured in numerous magazines in the U.S. and Europe.

Nirlay is a software engineer by profession and learned to draw from his father. He started stamp collecting at the age of five. He immigrated from India ten years ago and has since been extremely active in charity work for India. He was honored by Rotary International and received the Paul Harris Fellowship for his Indian charity initiatives.

Nirlay says,"all my covers are unique in the sense that I draw each one of them individually and then hand colorize each one uniquely. They are a labor of love. I use 100% cotton paper and cut my own envelopes."

Nirlay's covers are in demand in Europe with his Garbo covers being particularly popular in Sweden. He has an avid audience raptly awaiting his new releases.

Among the topics featured are Nirlay's cachets for the WWII Memorial, Children's Literature (Joint US/UK issue), Disney's Friends, and Hollywood greats John Wayne and Judy Garland.

We are fortunate to be able to offer our selection of First Day Covers on an exclusive basis from Nirlay Kundu. The selection can be viewed in entirety at www.StampCenter.com.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Your stamp collection can be a wonderful way to remind you of your summer trips and special experiences. While you may not have visited exotic islands or exclusive resorts, stamps portraying beach scenes, summer activities, and popular summer attractions can bring back nice memories and add something very personal and unique to your collection.

Always popular with topical collectors are lighthouse stamps. Colorful designs and views of oceans and beaches make these issues extremely attractive. One of the most imaginative issues in years, was the 2003 Finland sheetlet of 5 values featuring lighthouses. The lighthouses actually glow in the dark! County Stamp Center offers both the mint sheet of 5 and the First Day Cover at www.stampcenter.com.

By searching for lighthouses at stampcenter.com you can view the latest lighthouse issues from the China, Peru, Phillippines, Australia, Germany, and many other countries. It can literally add a glow to your collection, or just be the light you need on a cooler fall day to bring back fond memories of your summer trip to the ocean.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Stamps Pay Tribute to TV's "Crocodile Hunter"

Crikey! Australian conservationist Steve Irwin died tragically this week doing what he loved best, working to protect the dangerous animals of the world. While on the Great Barrier Reef filming a new television show, Ocean's Deadliest, Irwin's heart was pierced by the poisonous spine of a stingray in a freak accident as he swam with the animal.

Perhaps best known as television's "Crocodile Hunter," Irwin brought edge-of-your-seat excitement and suspense to the world of animal documentaries with his effervescent personality and mile-a-minute delivery. Safe in our living rooms, we watched as he tackled monster crocodiles and grabbed up poisonous snakes, gasping "crickey!" to signal every close call. A dedicated conservationist and recognized international reptile expert, Irwin operated a wildlife park for crocodiles and other Australian fauna.

The fearsome animals Irwin loved are commemorated on stamps available at County Stamp Center. The stamps shown above were issued by the Virgin Islands, but many others showing all manner of aquatic life are available. Just visit our website and enter crocodile or sea life into our unique search engine. For more information on the featured stamps, click the post title. County Stamp Center mourns the death of Steve Irwin. His unique presence will certainly be missed, but his legacy will carry on.