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Monday, January 07, 2008

Tristan de Cunha – 1960 Sealife Definitives (Set of 14) Part II of II

In continuation from Friday’s post….

Healthcare is free to the island’s residents. They are limited to services by only one South African doctor and five nurses. IBM and Beacon Equity Partners have set up a Web system with the University of Pittsburg Medical Center. This system provides the resident doctor with long distance tele-medical help with instant consultations available in other countries. If an island resident is seriously injured, signals are sent to fishing boats so that residents can be transported to Cape Town, South Africa.

The islands economy is based on fishing and farming to provide the islanders with their food. Islanders also appreciate the sales of their lobsters (crawfish) to outside countries. It is not uncommon for islanders to have two occupations. You may find them working for local government and in the lobster factory. Another source of income for the island is their sales of postage stamps and coins, especially to philatelists and collectors around the globe. Often times, post office staff will board cruise liners to enable passengers, who would otherwise not be able to come ashore, the opportunity to purchase the sought-after stamps from the island.

If you are interested in purchasing 14 interesting and colorful stamps from Tristan de Cunha, visit www.stampcenter.com. These beautiful stamps are the 1960 Sealife Definitives featuring whale, lobster, fish and shark.

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Friday, January 04, 2008

Tristan de Cunha 1960 Sealife Definitives Part I of II

Tristan de Cunha is a group of very remote islands located in the Atlantic Ocean between South American and South Africa. They are considered the most remote group of islands in the world. These islands are currently an overseas territory of Great Britain. They are part of the British Crown Colony of St Helena. The territory consists of a main island, Tristan de Cunha, and 3 remote uninhabited islands; Gough Island, Inaccessible Island and Nightingale Island.

Tristan de Cunha is an active volcanic mountain. In 1961, the island was evacuated because of eruptions. The local lobster (crawfish) factory was destroyed, but rebuilt soon afterwards. Crawfish is one of the main sources of revenues for the island. They have exclusively been exported to Japan and the United States. Currently, there is less demand in the U.S. and the Tristan de Cunha economy is suffering as a result.

There is no airport on the islands and therefore it is difficult to transport to the outside world. Fishing boats from South Africa service the island on a regular basis. Television arrived on the island in 2001. There is only one channel available; The British Armed Services Broadcast. The resulting education on the island is poor. Children are allowed to leave school at 15 years of age.

Currently there are only 275 residents on the island. All residents are descendants of the original settlers. There are only seven surviving family names living on the island today; Glass, Swain, Green, Rogers, Hagan, Repetto and Lavarello. Patterson was the last name added in 1986, bringing the total to only 8 families inhabiting this remote island. Only a few expatriate members and their families may live on the island at a time. They are only allowed to live there for a short period of time (from a week to a couple of months). Priests, doctors and dentists fall into this category.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Gibraltar Princess Diana Stamps

Gibraltar is well known for their wonderful commemorative stamps. The Princess Diana stamp is a welcome find to both Royal watchers and curious stamp collectors alike.

Gibraltar is a small British overseas territory that is located near the southern most tip of the Iberian Peninsula, which is overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar. It shares a border with Spain on its north side. The population is a mere 27,495, but this territory is considered to be the most densely populated area in the world today.

Princess Diana (of Great Britain) was born on July 1, 1961 in Norfolk, England. She was married to Prince Charles, the first in line to be the King of England, on July 29, 1981. She bore two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry who are both heirs to the throne in England.

Princess Diana lived a tumultuous life in her Royal role. She died a tragic death on August 31, 1997 while in a car with boyfriend Dodi Al-Fayed. Her death still sparks controversy today. She served many charities in her short life. Those of particular interest for her were ridding the world of landmines and her AIDS charity work.

These Gibraltar stamps feature 4 lovely photos of the beautiful Princess Diana. If you are interested in purchasing these exquisite stamps, with the beloved Princess Diana, visit stampcenter.com for more information.

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