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COUNTY STAMP CENTER offers a personal, efficient and reliable service to help build your collection and keep it up to date.

By registering to become a New Issue Service customer, all stamps featuring your topics and/or countries are automatically reserved for you as they are issued. Once your new issue file has accumulated to $10.00 or more, your order is billed and your new issues are sent first-class mail. A minimal postage fee is added. Your collection is our concern. Please take time and carefully review our New Issue Service Order Form. Your detailing your collection's needs will help us better serve you.

New Issue Service - Special Requests
Please let us know of any special requirements your collection may need. While we usually do not deal in First Day Covers, Presentation Packs, Souvenir Cards, etc. we may be able to make special arrangements. Standing order customers have all mint stamps and souvenir sheets automatically reserved. If you wish to receive booklets, inscription blocks, plate blocks, gutter pairs, or any special configuration of stamps please let us know.

Estimating Costs
It is often difficult to predict the amount of stamps and costs involved in collecting all the stamps of any country or thematic. Reviewing previous year issues of a country in the Scott Catalogue may give you an indication of a country's issuing policies. Similarly, popular topics such as dogs, cats, space exploration, art, sports will have large selections while less popular topics (e.g. minerals, chess, opera, antarctic exploration, etc.) will have fewer issues. The American Topical Association does publish listings, and topical listings are also included the the Scott Stamp Monthly Magazine. You can always set a per month maximum shipment amount for topics and/or countries on your standing order. You can also set a limit on the maximum cost for any item included in your standing order. Just let us know in the "Additional Comments" section of our order form how you would like us to set up your account.

Standing Order Return Policy
Please be specific regarding your collection requirements. Standing order customers have items specially ordered for them, and we are unable to handle a large quantity of returns.
We request that all standing order returns be made within fifteen (15) days of receipt of your order.

We require a 30 day notice prior to cancellation or changes in standing orders.

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If you're not yet ready to subscribe but would like to be notified of new issues in your area of interest, simply create an account, log in, and select "E-mail Alerts" from your account menu. We'll keep you informed!

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